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Welcome to Neopets Kisses where you'll encounter the best in neopets graphics, tutorials and finders.

Abilities Table Guide
Have you ever wondered what ability your neopet would gain if you buy a faerie for it now?. Well, if you do, this guide is going to help you, unless your pets level is past 35. You can skip all this text and scroll down to the table if you already know everything about faeries.

Top of the Page - Important Links - Info - How to Gain Abilities - Increase Level of Abilities - Abilities - FAQ

Important Links:
Abilities Info on Neopets
Activate Abilities
Info on Abilities
Magic Shop
Shop Wizard
Wheel of Excitement
View Your Pets

At certain levels (stages of growth and experience), your neopet will gain certain powers. These range from the ability to hide to shooting fireballs or flying! Every couple of levels your neopet will gain new abilities.

How to Gain Abilities:
If you want a new ability for your neopet to use in the Battledome, you must do the following:

  1. Check AND remember the current level of your neopet by Viewing Your Pets. There's a link provided above.
  2. Find an ability that you have not worked that is at your pet's level or below.
  3. See whether it is under which of the following categories: Light, Dark, Earth, Air, Fire or Water.
  4. To the type (light, dark, etc.), add faerie to the end. For example: Fire => Fire Faerie.
  5. Look for that type of Faerie. You can use the Magic Shop to buy one for 400 Neopoints, but they are very difficult to get, so many people just use the Shop Wizard. If you are patient, you can use the auction.
  6. Once you buy the faerie, go to your inventory (area of where your items are). Click on that item. Then, select from the drop-down bless (your pet's name). The faerie tells you that it had granted your neopet with an ability. If it just says that the faerie just flew away, then you did not meet the level requirement for that type of ability. Unfortunately, you have lost your faerie and you will need to buy another one. :(
  7. Now you need to activate your ability, go to "Activate Abilities." From there, click on the abilities you want to activate. If the image is animated, then it means that it is activated. If the picture is not moving and it is not animated, then that ability is not activated. To de-activate an ability, click on the image. You can only activate a maximum of eight abilities.

How to Increase the Level of Abilities:
There are two methods:

Method 1: Feed your neopet a Radioactive Negg and once of your pet's abilities level will be increased.
Method 2: Land on the Light Faerie on the Wheel of Excitement and the Light Faerie may raise the level on one of the Abilities.


Level: Light Dark Earth Air Fire Water
1 Magic Torch   Magic Pebbles Spark Smoke Screen Heal
2   Night Vision        
3     Tough Skin   Fiery Roar Bubble Shield
4 Flash Nighttime        
5       Air Shield    
6     Magic Berries   Fiery Gaze Water Jet
7 Bless Temporal Leak        
8       Haste Fireball  
9            Quench
10 Sun Ray Shroud Burrow Thunder Tail    
12   Demon Breathe Negg Flight War Cry Steam shield
13 Psychic Blast          
15     Twisting Vines   Lava Spit  
16           Water Breathing
17   Mote Dance Shadow Health   Dive    
19     Great Feast   Song of the Volcano  
20           Water of Life
21   Life Drain   Invisibility    
22 Restore          
23     Regeneration      
24         Boil  
28       Diamond Dust    
30   Sink Stone Legion     Healing Vapor
33 Ascension     Teleport Meteor Shower Watery Guardian

1Q) The Faerie Flew away and did not give my neopet an ability!
1A) Your neopet wasn't experienced enough to meet the requirements to gain an ability from that category. You have to read the table carefully. (light, dark, etc.).

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Abilities Table Guide

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