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Elements Graphics
Neo Hound

neopets elite graphics


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Welcome to Neopets Kisses where you'll encounter the best in neopets graphics, tutorials and finders.

I have finally made a list of Secret Avatars I know how to get. You can use these at the (neo) Boards. So this is for all you neoboardaholics out there, or just those who want the avatars for wantings sake and never use the boards, like me, You can use the avatars by going to your Chat Preferences and your new found rare avatars will show up in the dropdown list for "Choose a new av:".
We currently have 187 avatars here.
Illusen's Glade Avatar
Complete Illusen's Glade Quest 20
Number Six Avatar
Visit the 'About Us' page and have the same amount of NP on hand as Adam.
Jhudora's Cloud Avatar
Complete Jhudora's Cloud Quest 20
Fyora - Faerie Queen Avatar
Buy an item from the Hidden Tower
Math's Babaa Avatar
Receive a top 200 high score listing in Math's Nightmare
Wheel of Excitement Avatar
Land on 10,000NP at the WoE
Zurroball Blink Avatar
Receive a top 200 high score listing in Zurroball
Dr. Sloth Avatar
Random event
Meowclops Avatar
Equip a Meowclops to your neopet and refresh the Quick Reference Page
Soup Faerie Avatar
Continuously feed your neopet at the Soup Kitchen
Capara Avatar
Beat Capara in Cheat
Usukicon Shop Keeper Avatar
View the Usukiland Advert found at the Usukiland Shop
Usukicon Usuls Avatar
View the Usukiland Advert found at the Usukiland Shop
Grundo - Faerie Avatar
Visit a Faerie Grundo's lookup
Click Here
Pirate! - Aisha Avatar
Visit Room Number 45 at the Swashbucklers Academy.
Pirate! - Shoyru Avatar
Visit Room Number 15 at the Swashbucklers Academy.
Pirate! - Krawk Avatar
Visit Room Number 2 at the Swashbucklers Academy.
Pirate! - Scorchio Avatar
Visit Room Number 2149 at the Swashbucklers Academy.
Better Than You Avatar
Complete a Better Than You Competition
Grundo Snow Throw Avatar
Receive a top 200 high score listing for Grundo Snow Throw
Grey Faerie Avatar
Go to the Neopedia article about the Grey Faerie
Angelpuss - Angel Avatar
Search for the item Angelpuss
Maraquan Krawk Avatar
Visit a Maraquan Krawk's lookup
Click Here
Angelpuss Avatar
Equip an Angelpuss to your Neopet and refresh the Quick Reference Page.
Defenders of Neopia - Lupe Avatar
Visit the Old Comics page in Defenders of Neopia
Defenders of Neopia - Aisha Avatar
Visit the Defenders of Neopia Page
Dr. Death Avatar
Visit Dr. Death at the Neopian Pound "Disown your Neopet" desk.
Techo Master Avatar
Visit the Techo Master at the Mystery Island Training School
Chocolate Avatar
Purchase a chocolate from the Chocolate Factory with a rarity of 90 or higher
Escape From Meridell Castle Avatar
Receive a High Score Trophy in Escape From Meridell Castle
Space Faerie Avatar
Defeat the Space Faerie in the Battledome, to get her as a challenger you need to redeem a Rare Item Code.
Mad About Orange Avatar
Hold 8 items with the word 'orange' in your inventory and refresh... a lot!
Codestones Avatar
Have the complete set of 10 codestones in your inventory and refresh.
Pant Devil Avatar
Hold an unretired Hidden Tower artifact in your inventory or trades and refresh your inventory alot!
MSPP - The Avatar
Have the Malevolent Sentient Poogle Plushie (TCG) Item in your inventory and refresh!
Feed Me Avatar
Feed any item with the word 'Skeith' in it to a Skeith
Note: 'Cheese Skeith' will only make your Skeith sick
Free Jhuidah! Avatar
Retired Now, to get it you had to have a Tagobo Potion in your inventory and visit the Rock Pool to free Jhuidah during the Mystery Island Plot.
Heermeedjet Avatar
Defeat the Meerca Henchmen for Defenders of Neopia Mission 8 then click on "Return to Defenders of Neopia" and refresh.
Coconut JubJub Avatar
Own a Coconut JubJub and feed it a Coconut Cocktail
Meerouladen Avatar
Defeat the Meerca Henchmen for Defenders of Neopia Mission 8 then click on "Return to Defenders of Neopia" and refresh.
Grarrl Warrior Avatar
Equip a Grarrl with a Grarrl Weapon which was released on Grarrl Day 2003 (Bony Grarrl Club)
Chokato Avatar
Have the Chokato (TCG) item in your inventory and continuously refresh your inventory
Smelly Avatar
Hold 10 different items with the word 'dung' in your inventory and continuously refresh your inventory
Plushie Eyrie Avatar
Type the word 'squawk' in a message on the Neo Chatboards
Meridell Avatar
If you fought for Meridell in the Meridell War then get this avatar by viewing your userlookup.
Darigan Avatar
If you fought for Darigan in the Meridell War then get this avatar by viewing your userlookup.
Jetsam Chomp Avatar
Feed a Pepito to your Jetsam
TCG Wizard Avatar
Retired Now, If you won the Neopets TCG Contest then you should have it.
Mystery Island Avatar
Retired Now, You had to be within the first 10,000 people to complete the Island Mystery
Volcano Mystery Avatar
Retired Now, You had to be within the first 100 people to complete the Island Mystery.
Freaked Korbat Avatar
Receive a High Score in the Korbat's Lab Game
Werelupe Avatar
Own a Werelupe and view its lookup.
Edna the Witch Avatar
Random Event upon completing one of Edna's Quests
Evil Fuzzle Avatar
Let your neopet play with an Evil Blue Fuzzle until you receive the random event.
Extreme Potato Avatar
Receive a high score trophy in Extreme Potato Counter
Deadly Dice Avatar
You must first tie with Count Von Roo at the Deadly Dice Game and then win two levels. The Game can only be played between midnight and 1am NST.
Avatar Collector Avatar
Get in the top 50 of the Avatar High Score List
Plushie Tycoon Avatar
Receive a High Score at the game Plushie Tycoon.
Mystery Island Stamp Avatar
Complete the Mystery Island Section of your Stamp Album.
Virtupets Stamp Avatar
Complete the Virtupets Section of your Stamp Album.
Tyrannia Stamp Avatar
Complete the Tyrannia Section of your Stamp Album.
Haunted Woods Stamp Avatar
Complete the Haunted Woods Section of your Stamp Album.
Lost Desert Stamp Avatar
Complete the Lost Desert Section of your Stamp Album.
Black Pteri Avatar
Get the Black Pteri as a battledome challenger (random event) and defeat him.
Sutek's Tomb Avatar
Score more than 2000 in the Sutek's Tomb game.
Drackonack Avatar
Have a Drackonack and a regular piece of Cheese in your inventory, then refresh until the Drackonack eats the cheese.
Mootix Avatar
Equip your petpet with a Mootix petpetpet.
Slorg Avatar
Have a Slorg attached to your neopet for 100 days (or more), view your Quick Ref and then refresh to get the avatar.
Mutant JubJub Avatar
Use any Transmogrification Potion on your pet.
Seasonal Attack Pea Avatar
You had to get this avatar by visiting the Advent Calendar on December 4th, 2003.
Bilge Dice Avatar
Score a Perfect 24 in Bilge Dice (1,4,6,6,6,6). This is random, it may happen the 1st time, it may not happen til the 5th.
Lucky Streak Avatar
You must win 10 times in a row ie. have a lucky streak in Bilge Dice
Whee! Snowbunny Avatar
You must have had a snowbunny equipped to your neopet for over a year.
Let it Snow! Avatar
Have an Icy Snowflake in your inventory then visit the Weather Page for Terror Mountain
Destroyer! Avatar
Get a score of 3000 or more in the game MAGAX: Destroyer.
I Love My Rock Avatar
Buy a "Sticks N Stones Ticket" and then go to see them in concert
Snorkle Avatar
Feed your neopet a Snorkle Snout
Alien Aisha Avatar
Use a Nerkmid in the Alien Aisha's Vending Machine.
I love Sloth Avatar
Retired. Had to go take the test and answer loyally for Sloth.
Bomber Avatar
Score at least 1300 points in Chia Bomber.
Buzzin' Avatar
Paint a buzz at the Rainbow Fountian.
Suprise! Avatar
Feed an Elephante a 'Bag of Peanuts'.
Turtum Avatar
Score high enough to be on the Hi-Score table for Ultimate Bullseye.
Pack Rat Avatar
Have at least 1000 different items in your Safety Deposit Box.
Jester Avatar
Score at least 800 points at Grumpy Old King .
Evil Eliv Avatar
Play The Castle of Eliv Thade and score at least 1200.
Kacheek Swim Avatar
Take your Kacheek to the Beach.
Helpful Avatar
Use the Neopets Help Section to search about 'avatar' and refresh until you get the av.
Gadsgads Game Avatar
Score at least 1000 in Gadgadsgame
Jhudora Oh Yeah! Avatar
Retired now, but you needed to have completed any one of Jhudora's quests.
Lenny's Rule Avatar
This avatar is still a mystery, though it is rumored to be by winning Lenny Conundrums.
Weakling Avatar
Play the NeoQuest II game and have Rohane lose to the Plains Lupe.
Valentine's Day Avatar
Retired now, but you needed to have sent Puppyblew "I Love You (Animated!)" NeoGreeting to someone on Valentine's Day
Kasuki Lu - Heeyah! Avatar
Beat Kasuki Lu in the battledome. To obtain him as an opponent, have the Kasuki Lu Collectable Card in your inventory and click on it.
Lil' Devil Avatar
Beat the devilpuss in chapter 5 of NeoQuest II.
Gourmet Bowls Avatar
Achieve a score of 900 or better in Gourmet Bowls.
Cellblock Avatar
Play the Cellblock game, it appears to be random for when people get it.
Faboo! Avatar
Purchase an item from the Clothes Shop that has a rarity of 80+.
Battle Jubjub Avatar
View a Jubjub's lookup. You can find one here.
Yurble Avatar
View a Yurble's lookup. You can find one here.
Pick Your Own Avatar
Play Pick Your Own and finish with a basket without any dung. You will still get the avatar if you get dung but discard it by clicking on the dung picture in your basket.
Raiders of Maraqua Avatar
Play Raiders of Maraqua and score an 800 or higher.
Bunninator Avatar
Beat a Bionic Cybunny in Neoquest II, Chaper 5
Tyranu Evavu Avatar
Guess correctly at least 15 times in a row in Tyranu Evavu.
Invasion of Meridell Avatar
A random event while playing Invasion of Meridell.
Mmm Petpet Avatar
Have your petpet eaten by the Turmauculus.
Groovy Chomby Avatar
Watch the Chomby and the Fungus Balls Concert at the Concert Hall after buying a ticket.
Bless You Shoyru Avatar
Own a Shoyru and bless it with any bottled faerie.
Fire Paw Avatar
Put the Fire Paw collectable card into your NeoDeck.
Super Pea Avatar
Equip a Super Pea onto your Pea Chia.
Queen Fyora Doll Avatar
Let your neopet play with a Faerie Queen Doll.
Sssidney Avatar
Win something from the Deserted Fairground Scratchcards
Kauvara Magical Avatar
Use any morphing potion (not a Transmogrification potion) on your pet.
*Sigh* Avatar
Own a grey neopet and view it's neopet lookup.
Forever Orange Avatar
Own an Orange Grundo and view it's neopet lookup (you may have to refresh).
Pwned Avatar
Have the lab ray change the species of one of your pets.
Island Quiggle Avatar
Own an Island Quiggle and view it's neopet lookup.
Mazzew Avatar
Have a Mazzew equipped on your neopet for 200+ days.
Gruslen Avatar
Have a Gruslen attached to your neopet for 100+ days.
TCG Tourney Avatar
Retired now, you had to score at least 1 point in the Staff TCG Tournament.
Illusen Doll Avatar
Retired now, you had to complete one of Illusen's Quests on Illusen Day.
Monotony Spin Avatar
Land on the "?" when you spin the Wheel of Monotony.
Caption Contest Avatar
Win a certain Caption Contest (?) - Needs Verification
April Fools Avatar
Retired now, you had to view the News page on April Fools Day, 2004.
Easter Bunny Avatar
Retired now, you had to send an Easter Neo-Greeting around Easter, 2004.
Neomail Addict Avatar
Send a neomail with "I Love Neomail" as the title and message to someone other than yourself.
Squished Avatar
Refresh your userlookup if you fought in the second Meridell War.
Darigan Redeemed Avatar
View Lord Darigans Chambers if you fought for Darigan in the first Meridell War.
Plushie Nova Avatar
Retired now, you had to collect the McDonald's Daily Giveaway prize on May 31st, 2004.
Vira Avatar
Have any mirror in your inventory and view Vira's page in the Gallery of Evil.
Whack-A-Kass Avatar
Score an 850 or better at Whack-A-Kass.
Robot Jetsam Avatar
To get it you have to have a Jetsam and fight in the Battledome. It doesn't matter if you win or lose. You can also get it if you challenge a Jetsam. If you want you can challenge him or hers.
Hannah And The Pirate Caves
You have to get 150k+ in Hannah And the Pirate Caves
Draik Avatar
You have to go to Hirodraiks or Dragons lookup.
Pink Popcorn
You have to feed your pink neopet anything with the word popcorn in it.
Do Not Eat
Feed your neopet "Carrot and Pea Omelette"
Snow Muncher Avatar
Play the game Snowmuncher and achieve a score of 5000+ points.
Brainy Avatar
Complete the Faerie Crossword Puzzle (the answers are posted everyday on the front page) This is said to be a random happening though, so if you don't get it the first time keep trying!
Mynci Spike Avatar
You have to score 850 points or more or beat all six rounds in Mynci Beach Volleyball.
A random event while playing Kacheek Seek
Uni Beauty Avatar
Groom one of your pets. It doesn't matter what species or what color your neopet is.
Whacked Kass Avatar
Score 850+ points in the game.

*note* When you send your score, you will see the following message, it is not true and just a joke, the avatar is in your list now

ERROR : You do not have this avatar or it does not exist, so we cannot display it. Nice try though. ;)

Raindorf Avatar
Click here
Swabby Avatar
Score 825 or more in the game "Deckswabber".
Moody Skarl
Tell King Skarl a REALLY bad joke.
Haunted Scorchio Avatar
Equip your Pet with any Spooky Weapon.
Snowager Rawr Avatar
Random event when your pet(s) get blasted by the snowager.
Shapeshifter Avatar
Play the game Shapeshifter, and get to round 6, you only need to fully COMPLETE level 5, once you're on round 6 go back to the main page for Shapshifter located here. You should have the avatar now.
SlugaWoo Avatar
Click here
Maraquan Chomby Avatar
Retired Click here.
April Fools Day Avatar
Retired...until next year. Only availible on April 1st. Click here
Misfortune Avatar
You have to land on the Sludge on the Wheel of Misfortune
Good Or Bad Avatar
Visit Chapter 5 of the Curse of Maraqua Plot. (Go through all pages)
Tough Shoyru Avatar
Your Shoyru must win a battle.It also works with One Player Battles.
Who Me? Avatar
Click here
Yarrble Avatar
Click here
Moach Avatar
Click here
Top Gamers Avatar
Play 250 games, and then visit your "My High Scores" page.
Baby Nimmo Avatar
Click here.
Meepit vs. Feept Avatar
Send a score of 3000+ in the game Meepit VS Feepit.
Your Lupe A Splode Avatar
Battle Balthazar (the real one, not the Inflatable Balthazar) in the battledome with any neopet (it doesn't need to be a lupe), and lose. You can get him as a challenger by refreshing in the Haunted Woods.
Florg Avatar {Feed Me} Avatar
Score 1200+ in Fleed Florg.
Faerie Bubbles Avatar
Score 2000+ in the game Faerie Bubbles
Mutant Lenny
Click here.
Zafara - Double Agent
own a Zafara Double Agent Plushie in your inventory while you search 'zafara double agent' in the search bar.
Evil Jhudora
Complete one of the Dark Faerie's Quest on Jhudora Day.
Illusen Doll
Complete an Illusen Quest on Illusen Day.
Scorchio - Scordrax
Have a Scorchio Plushe in your inventory, then click here.
Click here
Starry Gelert
Have an item with the word starry in it, then visit the neopet lookup of a starry gelert.
Uni - Nightseed Avatar
View the neopet lookup of Halloween Uni between 8PM NST and 6AM NST. (Here's one)
Mynci - Halloween Avatar
Click here.
Rainbow Chomby Avatar
Click here.
Krawk - Island Fever Avatar
Click here.
Grumpy - Bori Avatar
Click here.
Halloween - Moehog Avatar
Have an item in your inventory with the word Sloth in it, and Click here.
Feed your neopet anyitem with the word speckled in it.

Neopets Kisses - swak!

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