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Welcome to Neopets Kisses where you'll encounter the best in neopets graphics, tutorials and finders.

The Neocalendar dates in Neopia

The Neocalendar

A list of important dates in Neopia.

The month of Sleeping

  • Jan 3rd - Aisha Day
  • Jan 6th - Gnorbu Day
  • Jan 11th - Festival of Buzz. (Buzz Day)
  • Jan 14th - Sloth Appreciation Day
  • Jan 16th - Elephante Day
  • Jan 29th - Kacheek Day
The month of Awakening
  • Feb 3rd - Zafara Day
  • Feb 4th - Jhudora Day
  • Feb 12th - Lenny Festival (Lenny Day)
  • Feb 14th - Valentine's Day and Neopians everywhere are sending each other messages of Lurve!
  • Feb 18th - Chocolate Chia Day (Chia Day)
  • Feb 21st - Tonu Day
  • Feb 22nd - Mynci Day
The month of Running
  • March - Gadgadsbogen - The Mystery Island festival of fruit!
  • Mar 2nd - Uni Day, A holiday honouring Neopia's most vain creatures
  • Mar 3rd - Cancelled due to lack of interest
  • Mar 6th - Gelert Day
  • Mar 14th - Scorchio Day
  • Mar 17th - Illusen Day
  • Mar 22nd - Chomby Carnival (Chomby Day)
The month of Eating
  • April 1st - April Fool's Day - Time to play crafty tricks and generally be mischevious.
  • April 2nd - Shoyru Day
  • April 14th - Grey Day
  • April 16th - Krawk Day
  • April 22nd - Kougra Day
  • April 27th - Cybunny Carnival (Cybunny Day)
The month of Hunting
  • May 2nd - Lupe Day
  • May 4th - Hissi Day
  • May 12th - Tyrannian Victory Day!!!
  • May 14th - Moehog Day
  • May 25th - Koi Day
  • May 28th - Yurble Day
The month of Relaxing
  • June 2nd - Fyora Day
  • June 6th - JubJub Day
  • June 8th - Petpet Appreciation Day
  • June 13th - Quiggle Day
  • June 15th - Nimmo Day
  • June 19th - Kau Day
  • June 28th - Acara Aquatic Festival
The month of Swimming
  • July 3rd - Flotsam Day
  • July 11th - The Ixi arrives in Neopia
  • July 12th - Tuskaninny Day
  • July 17th - Kiko Day
  • July 26th - Peophin Day
  • July 29th - Ruki Day
  • July 30th - Discovery of Meridell
The month of Hiding
  • Aug 8th - Blumaroo Day
  • Aug 11th - Discovery of Brightvale
  • Aug 18th - Meerca Day!
  • Aug 20th - Annual Usuki Doll Convention
  • Aug 24th - Grundo Independence Day
  • Aug 25th - Mutant Day
  • Aug 29th - Kyrii Day
The month of Gathering
  • Sept 9th - Draik Day
  • Sept 13th - Techo Day
  • Sept 15th - The Annual Chocolate Ball
  • Sept 19th - Poogle Parade (Poogle Day)
  • Sept 20th - Faerie Festival. Rumour has it that this is when the Faeries are most generous to Neopians.
  • Sept 23rd - Annual Gormball Championships
  • Sept 25th - Skeith Day
The month of Collecting
  • Oct 4th - Grarrl Day
  • Oct 10th - Eyrie Day
  • Oct 13th - Bori Day
  • Oct 16th - Jetsam Day
  • Oct 23rd - Symol Day
  • Oct 26th - Korbat Day
  • Oct 31st - A grand night for the not so good Neopians. Magic and witchery are everywhere today.
The month of Storing
  • Nov 3rd - Slorg Day
  • Nov 8th - Pteri Flying Championships (Pteri Day)
  • Nov 15th - Neopets is another year older! (7) Lots of Celebrating and fun things to mark this special occasion
  • Nov 27th - Usul Skiing Season begins (Usul Day)
  • Nov 29th - Xweetok Day
The month of Celebrating
  • Dec 5th - Bruce Day
  • Dec 12th - Wocky Day
  • Dec 20th - Borovan Day - Everybody likes to drink a hot cup of borovan on this day!
  • Dec 25th - Day of Giving - Gifts abound as all Neopia gets full of festive spirit
  • Dec 28th - Ogrin
  • Dec 31st / Jan 1st - Neopia enters a new year! (Y9)

The Neocalendar dates in Neopia

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