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Neo Hound

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Welcome to Neopets Kisses where you'll encounter the best in neopets graphics, tutorials and finders.

The Phantom Orange Shirt Guy

The Phantom Orange Shirt Guy, a mysterious orange shirted, tattoo on his arm scruffy looking dude who makes many games at Neopets. In this guide i will take you through some of the games he has made and tell you where or when he pops up in them. So, Let's GO!


Ollie shows up when you begin to enter level 40. Of Course, you don't HAVE to play to level 40 you can type "kougra' to just skip the levels.

Black Pawkeet & Brucey B Slots

In These 2 games, Ollie's head just randomly rolls by. But, it is not worth anything.

Faerie Caves II: Fyoras Quest

All you need to do is click the gem on Fyora's crown and Ollie shows up with a match standing next to a stick of green dynamite. After a few seconds, BOOM GOES THE OLLIE!

Hannah And The Ice Caves

During the last level (***Muahaha),he just appears randomly in the background. Once again, he does nothing.

Trouble At The National Neopian

Sometimes, Oliie will poke his heas through the door. BUT, VERY RARELY will Ollie appear as a customer. But when he does he gives you 100 points when you click on him!

Destruct-O-Match II

Click on the bottom of the 2nd bone in the title (the one of the front page). This make a noise sound and Ollie pops-up!

Scamander Swarm

Click on the salamanders eye (the one that is walking down the building). This make Oliver show himself !

Gourmet Club Bowls

Click the pearl in the clam to have Oliver laugh!

Ruins Rampage

Click, the left scarab, the right scarab, Horace's eye, and then Zina's eye,and Ollie turns form a mummy to...well Ollie.

Freaky Factory

He just pops up randomly while playing.

Whack-A-Staff Member

Now you can actually hit Oliver, and get rewarded for it! Sometime near the 3rd level Oliver shows up as one of the staff you can hit , and whenyou do he laughs...evilly!

The Buzzer Game

He pops up as a distraction in the background.

Attack of The Slorgs

Click the Yurbles right eye to have good ol' Ollie appear and you can make his head jiggle!

Faerie Bubbles

Click the little dots o' fire closest to the "b" to have Ollie appear!


Click the spot on the sleeping Feepit's head.

Snowball Fight

1.He is a character worth 50 points during gameplay. 2.At the start menu, look at the top of the ski slope and click the small orange thing.

The Return of the Return of Dr. Sloth

On the main screen,click the tiny white dot in Sloth's eye in the background(the green sloth). This make Ollie appear strapped to rockets.

Grand Theft Ummagine

When at the main screen, click Set-up. Then, in the upper-ight corner click the blob thing under the ankh.

Meerca Chase II

On the main screen, clicking in the Meercas right eye make Oliver take his place. Oliver seems to be holding 2 Fish Neggs.

Ice Cream Machine

At the screeen where it tells you what the level is leave the mouse idle for about 3 minutes and you will hear a sound that signals Adee turning into Ollie . He spins wildly when you move your mouse. He also shows up as a RARE ice cream scoop.

Attack of the Revenge!

Click Benny the Bruce's right eye, on the main screen to have Ollie appear. He also is a character you must throw off the ship while playing the game.

Meepit Juice Break

Click the Green Meepits eye (the one on top), on the main screen and Oliver shows up with a Green Meepit on his head.


Poke Dieter's right eye, and Ollie shows up standing on an "o".

Sutek's Tomb

Click on the little pyramid door to have Oliver show up. Some times he appears during play and if you use him as a gem he clears the WHOLE board.

Coconut Shy

After you shoot the ball, at the You won xxx Np screen click the Quiggle's right eye.

Tyrannian Mini Golf

At the player selection screen click th Lupe's eye to have Ollie appear as the little picture at the bottom of the screen AND a player.

Defender Trainer

Click on Judge Hog's eye to hear Ollie laugh!

Great Qasalan Caper

AFTER sending your score, go back to the main screen and click the hanging Meercas left eye, and Oliver slides down. He also randomly appears during play and if a statue touches his he and all the Lyins explode.

That is all of the games I could find with Oliver in them if you have any more please Neomail xx_impact with the game name and how to get him, and any other special things he does.

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