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Elements Graphics
Neo Hound

neopets elite graphics


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Welcome to Neopets Kisses where you'll encounter the best in neopets graphics, tutorials and finders.


Posted by: Speedboxer


I'm Speedboxer, you probably know me as the coder and (when the Forums were still up) the head Forum Moderator. Well, now, I'm an Administrator. I'm posting this just to inform you about this (and to avoid any possible confusion  ).



Faerie Day!
Posted by: Angel
Front Page Image:



New Daily!
Posted by: Sean
Have you collected your Altador Plot prizes yet?

Well, then go to the Hall of Heroes, click on the stairway to your right (or click Here) and then click on King Altador! You MUST have completed the plot!

On the day after you collected your prizes, go there again, and you will get the avatar and a random prize.

Then, keep going there each day and collect a prize from the king:

King Altador smiles at you as you enter. "In continuing memory of your great service to our land, I'd like to present you with a gift. It's only a small token of our appreciation, but we hope you will find it to your liking."

Then, click Collect your gift. If you go twice in 1 day, the king will not be pleased.

King Altador frowns at you as you enter. "You've already received your free prize today. I'd like to think you can summon the patience to wait again until tomorrow."

Remember, this daily is only for people who have completed the plot, but.... the plot is still open!

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Hi from new owner
Posted by: Pagliacci
Just a quick hi. This looks like a super site. I hope all the old staff will continue with neokisses. Thanks to Tracey for selling me the site and for helping me with the transition.



Techo Day (again) and more!
Posted by: Sean
You may have seen my previous Techo Day post. This one is a few new extra bits.

First we have a beautiful faerie techo!

We have some awesome fun images for you to use!

Shenkuu petpets has changed to Fanciful Fauna. And the Pandaphant has 4 colours to celebrate. They are:


Credit goes to:
JellyNeo for the faerie Techo.
Lupeplains for the pandaphant colours!

See you soon! BYE!

Sunday, September 10
Posted by: Angel

Click here to play.

4. scorch
5. pipper
7. seek
9. cloud
10. nova
11. bruce
13. growl

1. bar
2. scarblade
3. chase
6. bluenegg
8. grarrl
12. coco
14. orb
15. ltd


Techo DAY!
Posted by: Sean

I think there is a new techo somewhere. But where??

We have a new sketch!

Techo: Im so much more beautiful then the Camouflage techo!

Do you use MSN or AIM? Then this bit is for YOU

Big=MSN. Little=AIM!

And... on other news:

Well, Ill see you soon! BYE!


Hello everyone!
Posted by: Sean
Hi everyone. My name is Sean, and I am a brand new newsposter here! Some of you may remember me from Neogenisis ages ago!

In Neopets news:

Hoban has been found, and the criminal was Bonju. You can now access Shenkuu via this link.

Your weekly editorial coverage is coming soon!



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